Flexible Ducting: Flex Hose & Flex Pipe by Air Handling Systems

Flexible Hoses

Air Handling Systems stocks thousands of feet of flexible hoses and can supply many other flex hose types in just a few days. We carry flex hose for general dust collection, abrasion resistance, fume control, industrial ventilation and many other applications. Additionally, we represent several hose manufacturers. If you do not see a hose that meets your need, contact us and we will work with you to find the right flexible hose.

Hoses we stock:

  • Adjustable Vacuum Hose & Hood - Available in 2 1/2" diameter in one foot adjustable segments and is self-supporting by popping together up to three (one foot) sections and choosing the nozzle best suited for your application. It is easy to position a hood close to the work area to collect fumes, smoke and particles at the source.
  • AH2P - Most Popular AH2P - Polyester Neoprene - AH2P Flexhose is strong and flexible, it is suitable for a wide range of applications from dust collection on conveyors, grinders, buffers, polishers, machine tools, surface grinders, woodworking machines, table saw, and removal of smoke, fumes and airborne particles.
  • AH2PW - Popular AH2PW Flexhose with Wearstrip - AH2PW Flexhose is identical to AH2P except for an external wearstrip which provides extended hose life by protecting exterior of helix when hose is rubbed against rough surfaces.
  • AHPLUS - Strong, Flexible, Versatile   Visible AHPLUS - Air Handling AHPLUS flexhose has outstanding durability with reinforced construction which is designed to stand up to years of use. AHPLUS is a versatile hose created with the best qualities of our top selling hoses. It is a perfect replacement for older polyester neoprene hoses. AHPLUS comes in a distinct Royal Blue, designed for increase visibility in both smaller as well as industrial settings. Qualities include improved puncture, moisture and tear resistance; higher temperature range than neoprene/fabric hoses; and tremendous versatility.
  • CVD - Chemical Resistance CVD Polyvinylchloride - CVD is an economical flexhose with good chemical resistance for FUMES. Excellent choice for applications involving fume removal and satisfying many industrial chemical requirements.
  • Garage Exhaust Hose for Cars, and Trucks - Hose is made of a quality rubber compound which will withstand high exhaust temperatures for a reasonable period of time. The hoses' solid rubber construction insures 100% hose recovery after the hose has been crushed. Simply squeeze, insert and release to create a very strong leakproof connection.
  • H201 - Extremely Flexible Hypalon H201 - H201 Hypalon is the most flexible hose available for traversing woodworking equipment like panel saws. Typical applications are dust collection, sawdust handling, external abrasion, gravity feed, outdoor use.
  • H401 - High Temperature 600o H401 - H401 fiberglass-silicone impregnated flexhose is ideal for hot fume control, diesel and gas exhaust control, and hot air supply and removal. H401 contains a external helix which acts as a wearstrip.
  • IVH-G - Industrial Vacuum Flexhose - Industrial Vacuum IVH-G Hose is a versatile hose. Other ideal applications include venting gas, fumes   moisture; light dust collection; light vacuum applications. Smooth, easy to clean interior wall results in higher flow rates and reduced friction for longer wear. Cuffs are also available to easily attach hose to collection system.
  • 2.5IVHKITK - Industrial Vacuum Hose   Kit - Dust collection systems work great, but, they cannot possibly remove all the dust in the shop. How do you get rid of the stray dust from your hand tools and other machines that don't have dust collection attachments? The Industrial Vacuum Hose   Kit will put the stray dust where it belongs - in the dust collector. The Vacuum Kit includes the following: 2-1/2" Industrial Vacuum Hose (25 foot long), Nozzle Kit including Crevice tool, 14" wide Floor Nozzle, Dust Brush, Bench Nozzle,   Wands, (Gate and Saddle Tap Tee NOT included). The kit attaches directly to your existing ductwork with a Saddle Tap Tee (see page 27). Simply install the saddle, add a special 3-inch blastgate, (special one sized for this attachment, 03GATE-NEP, see below) and slip the cuff into outbound gate collar and connect the hose with the cuff.
  • MFLE - Interlocking Galvanized Metal Flexhose - Interlocking metal hose is highly economical. Its construction permits flexibility as well as strength. Typical applications include a wide variety of dry bulk material transfer, engine intake and exhaust systems, abrasive material, and woodchip collection.
  • RFH - General Purpose Rubber RFH - Air Handling RFH can be used in numerous applications with excellent results such as oil mist collection. It truly is a general-purpose duct. Some of the uses are dust collection   fume removal. RFH has excellent ozone resistance, good chemical resistance, weather resistance, U.V. resistance and fluid resistance in the neoprene class for aqueous-based fluids, oils, and hydrocarbons.
  • RFHW - General Purpose RFHW with Wearstrip - Air Handling RFH-W is identical to RFH except for an external orange wearstrip which adds additional protection to the wire helix. This wearstrip helps prevent premature wear in the case of dragging or rough use. Because the RFH-W wearstrip is molecularly bonded to the hose wall, it will not come off or delaminate.
  • RFH White - General Purpose WHITE RFH - Air Handling RFH-WHITE is identical to RFH except that the color is white. RFH-WHITE is ideal for use in a clean room environment, hospitals, computer rooms, electronic assembly plants, and areas where a white hose is required.
  • RFH Metric - General Purpose Metric RFH - Metric RFH is identical to RFH except that it's Metric size. Metric size has been developed to meet the needs of imported machinery owners.
  • TLOK - Triple Lock Stainless TLOK 304 Flexhose - TLOK Flexhose is an economical stainless steel tubing designed to handle a broad range of applications, including fume control   elevated temperature up to 1250° F.
  • U20 - Lightweight, Flexible, Abrasion Resistance Urethane - Lightweight with Good Flexibility, Urethane U20 has all the abrasion and environmental resistance as our U30 and U45. Ideal for Oil Mist applications. U20 is constructed of 20-MIL thick urethane.
  • U30 - Superior Abrasion Resistance Urethane - Heavy Duty Urethane U30 is used in numerous applications such as: leaf handling, chip handling, woodworking machines (i.e. planers, molders, C.N.C. routers,   tenoners). U30 has a high tear strength, good oil resistance, excellent ozone resistance and superior abrasion resistance. U30 is constructed of 30-MIL thick urethane. Excellent for suction hold-down tables for plywood, plastic sheets, printing corrugated materials, etc.
  • U45 - Ultimate Abrasion Resistance Urethane - The Ultimate Puncture Resistant Urethane U45 outlasts all fabric reinforced hose types when used for leaf collection and street sweeping, broken glass, wood chips, grain handling or any highly abrasive material. U45 is also oil and ozone resistant, which makes it an excellent choice for fumes and gases. U45 will not collapse, twist or kink within recommended positive or negative working pressures. Ideal for heavy-duty municipal/commercial vacuuming. U45 is 45-MIL thick urethane.
  • U30-SDC - Static Dissipative Urethane Flex - U30-SDC is the answer for those who want to minimize the static build up from the friction caused by the material traveling through the hose. It is a lightweight, flexible thermoplastic urethane hose which is an ideal choice for highly abrasive applications such as pellets, or dust collection.
  • Urethane Metric - Metric Urethane is identical to our U30 - It has been specifically sized to fit Metric woodworking machines.

Hose Solutions and Applications

Industry Applications Recommended Hose
Automotive Garage Exhaust Garage Exhaust
Abrasive Material   MFLE, U20, U30, U45
Bulk Material Transfer   MFLE, U45
Dust Collection See Woodworking AHPLUS, RFH, U20, U30
Fume Removal/Control General CVD, RFH
  High Temperature H401, TLOK, MFLE
Furnace Cleaning   CVD, RFH, RFHW, RFH-WHITE
Insulation Companies Blowing Hose U30
Landscaping Leaf Collection U30
Oil Resistant   RFH, U20, U30
Ozone Resistant   RFH, U30, U45
Paper Mills Fume &l Moisture Control CVD, RFH
Planting Equipment Fume Removal CVD
Pharmaceutical Fume Removal / Venting RFH-WHITE, TLOK
Pollution Control (Air)   CVD, RFH
RV Manufacturing Venting & Sanitary, Garage Exhaust RFH, U45, Garage Exhaust
Saw Mills Heavy Chip U30, U45
Schools Always use (Flame Retardant) AHPLUS, AH2P
Smoke   AH2P, AH2PW
Textile Mills Dust & Lint Control RFH
Welding Shops Fume Exhaust (Flame Retardant) AHPLUS, AH2P, AH2PW
Woodworking General Dust Collection AHPLUS, AH2P, RFH, U20, U30
  Table Saw RFHW, AH2PW
  Planer, CNC Router, Molder, Tenoner U30
Machine Tools Buffers, Conveyors, Polishers AHPLUS, AH2P, AH2PW
  Grinders - Surface - Wet RFH
Vacuum Cleaning Wet/Dry RFH, U30, CVH-G
  Commercial IVH, CVH-G
  Municipal Heavy-Duty (Street Sweeper) U45
Ventilating Equipment   RFH, CVD

Hose Manufacturers We Represent


The Dura-Vent Industrial Division of Flexible Technologies offers the largest selection of ducting products in the industry. While continuing to offer our standard 2CN and 2PN products, we have expanded with new additions to our FlexFlyte® and Dura-Flex lines, and continually add to the most complete Urethane and vacuum hose line in the industry. Whatever the application - street cleaning, sawdust and woodchip recovery, light air and dust, abrasive particles, duct cleaning, blower and fan, high temperature, fume removal, vacuum, and lavatory waste just to name a few - Dura-Vent Industrial can meet your needs. Custom manufacturing and design will always be our specialty. Contact Air Handling Systems for more information.

Flexible Technologies

The Plastic Solutions Group provides products to the industrial, automotive, vacuum cleaner and small home appliance industries. We offer a wide array of products including blow-molded hoses, spiral wound hoses, self-retracting hoses, and electrical hoses to name a few. The Plastic Solutions Group is ISO9001:2000 certified organization. We test our products to ASTM, UL, or customer specific standards in our onsite laboratory. Air Handling Systems is available to assist with your Flexible Technology needs.

Hi-Tech Hose

Hi-Tech Hose, Inc. has redefined hose and ducting technology based on our utilization of advanced raw materials and a problem solving approach to the market place. We are the leaders in manufacturing flexible hose and ducting for a multitude of applications including air, fume and dust collection. Hi-Tech Hose, Inc. is committed to high quality, continuous improvement, and innovative technology with a quick response. Air Handling Systems stocks thousands of feet of hose to meet your every need.


The LOC-LINE® 2 1/2" Vacuum Hose is designed to be added to an existing central vacuum system to extract smoke, dust, fumes and particles at the source. It is easy to position within a work area and can be mounted to 3" thin walled PVC adapter or 3" sheet metal duct.


Masterduct carries a variety of hoses. Material Handling Hoses - Abrasion resistant polyester/polyurethane suction and transport hoses that are flexible, lightweight, microbe resistant, and antistatic. A/C, Ventilation, and Welding Fume Hoses - Lightweight and flexible fabric hoses for lower Temperature air movement and weld fume exhaust. Medium   High Temperature Hoses - Variety of fabric hoses to exhaust air or fumes from -435 degrees F to +2010 degrees F. Exhaust Fume Hoses - Flexible engine exhaust fume hoses for auto exhaust systems to jet engine fume extraction. Chemical Fume Hoses - Various flexible hoses designed to extract dangerous chemical fumes and corrosive media. Thermo, Insulating Hoses, Connectors, and Installation Elements - Hoses with asbestos free insulation material. Hose clamps, connectors and reducers for secure installations. Air Handling Systems can provide you with any hose.

Novaflex (U-Nova)

The most complete selection of duct, hose, connectors and venting systems all from a single source. U-nova, Flexmaster and Z-Flex have earned a solid worldwide reputation as manufacturers of quality products. From chimney liners and venting systems to ducting, hose and petro-chemical transfer hose, our extensive lines and knowledge gives you unprecedented selection under one roof. Companies and divisions include Flexmaster Canada Limited, U-Nova Hose, U-Nova Industries, Lawrence Industries, Uni-Chemhose Corporation, Techose Limited, Associated Industrial Rubber, Z-Flex, and Z-Flex (US). We are active in all industry programs and dedicated to maintaining quality standards. The staff at Air Handling Systems is happy to provide any of the above mentioned products.

Ottawa Rubber

Extruding / Forming - using our patented pressure differential autoclave curing process, we extrude and form convoluted garage exhaust hoses used for carbon monoxide removal during vehicle maintenance. We also extrude and form custom tubes and sleeves with the same system. Sizes range from .25" to 5.0" I.D. and up to 10.0' in length. Contact Air Handling Systems for more information on your custom needs.

Best Uses for our Top-Selling Hoses

ADJ VAC Segmented, Solder Setup
AHPLUS Flame Retardant, Sparks, General Dust
CVD Fume Control
MFLE Dry Bulk, High Abrasion, Extremely Abrasive
RFH General Purpose, Dust, Fume
RFHW Visible, Exterior Abrasion
RFH-WHITE Clean Room
TLOK High Tempoerature, Corrosive Fumes
U20 Oil Mist, Flexible Urethane
U30 CNC Routers, Abrasive Materials
U30 Metric European Machinery, Metric Moulder Hose
U30-SDC Static Dissipative, Powder Hose, Fine Dust
U45 Very High Abrasive Resistance